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Sia Jardineria takes care of your garden and for that it proposes you an offer of products and specialised services depending on your needs.

-Design and replant of public parks and common green areas. Urban furniture and children´s playground. Preparation of proyects and execution. Site management

-Gardening maintenance and residential areas. It is essential that the tasks of your garden are done properly and in the season it corresponds. We do all kind of jobs such as pruning, phytosanitary treatments (preventives and therapeutics), clearing of scrubs, fertilizations, grass maintenance, etc, so that your plants and grass enjoy of an incomparable aesthetic quality.  

-Garden Design. We study carefully the ground for the implantation of the species bearing in mind its aesthetical values and we advise you about it. This is a very important topic because the climate and land conditions of the species.  

-Watering system installation. We design and execute watering system by sprinkling and dripping depending on the needs, studying in depth each possibility so that your plants and grass are not being affected by the lack of water. A moderate watering system, neither lack nor in excess, applied with a watering system properly installed, assures the health of your plants.   

-Realization and digging of water wells.

-Drainage. So important is a good watering such as a good drainage, especially when the land tends to flood and produces putrefaction. We put all kind of drainages studied carefully for each case in particular.

-Lighting. Through an indirect lighting, and lightening determined areas of the garden, it will gain in visual and comfort. We advise you on it and we execute it.

-Excavating and trucking. Design and creation of rockery, as well as the contribution of soil to the garden. Give shape to the earth for the landscaping.

-We do plantations in large scale, same as all kind of plants transplants, removal of trunks and stumbs.

-Phytosanithary treatments and Fumigations. Preventive and therapeutic treatments of diseases and plagues in green areas (for example, weevil beetle, processionary, fungi…). We offer you a diagnose of the plague or disease and we execute the treatment, such as fumigations to treat the trees, grasses and green areas, always respecting the environment

-Reforestations in deteriorated lands and hydro seeding to avoid the erosion of the land or for the containment of slopes, in a sustainable manner.

-Supply and installation of artificial grass. Advise and installation of different artificial grasses, depending on the client´s needs.

-Transplant of trees, palm trees, and prunes. We transplant all kind of different species with a previous study of the viability of it, and we do all kind of prunes (selectives, of sanitation, for transplants…).